Saturday, February 28, 2009

I left my heart in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

On my 2nd trip to Dagupan, Pangasinan to speak at a Search Engine Marketing & Optimization seminar, I decided to extend a day and visit the famous Hundred Islands. Many thanks to Bitstop Network Services especially to Marichu, Lief, Mark, and George (the guy beside me in two photos have been making sure I get to my commitments on time) for being such great travel buddies.

We left Bonoan at around 8:30 am and got to Hundred Islands two hours after. There is a common registration area where you can pick between the P800 and P1400 package. We picked the P800 package as we just want to look around for now. This allowed us to visit three islands: Governor's, Quezon, and Children islands.

Governor's Island was our first stop. There was a long uphill trek that made me catch my breath. However, upon seeing the top view, it was well worth it.

I actually got confused and mistaken Governor's Island for Quezon Island. Thus the retraction video above. We also had funny photos at the cave that made me joke about Mark and refer to him as Samson in the video. I also naturally turn red (tisay) when exposed to sunlight that usually catches the eye of a lot of friends.

After this, we stepped into our boat and tried a version of bibingka only available in Laoag as I made an intro about going to Quezon island.

On our way, we spotted some unusual shape islands that looks like a turtle. It was an interesting sight to look at and great for photo shots.

We realized that Quezon Island is a snorkeling spot and has somewhat like a helicopter pad that also allows you to view the other islands. This is where I decided to eat some ice cream and cool myself.

At this point, we were also contemplating of going to the Pinoy Big Brother house instead of Children's Island. However, when we soon realize that its location is in Governor's Island, we changed our plans and resume with Chilren's island. I refrained taking a video of the actual beach as it would require me to seek parental consent for capturing children on video and post them here.

I never really got the chance to video myself during travel so doing this blog post was quite fun and awkward at the same time. However, I must say that I fell in love with Hundred Islands and will definitely want to go back there again and really enjoy it the next time. That would include swimming and snorkeling. Also wearing a more appropriate outfit.

It is also a great place to clear your head and just breathe.