Thursday, July 28, 2005

Do women find it hard to start their own e-business?

One of the things that I got asked lately is do more women find it hard to start their own e-business. I find that quite hard to answer. However, what I noticed though is that more men tend to succeed in this area.

As for the problems, when I was still starting back in 1998, I had a hard time on the following areas:

1. Finding IT savvy suppliers who can provide me electronic copy of the product photos and product descriptions.

2. Finding an affordable payment gateway to accept international payments online.

3. I find delivery, especially international deliveries, to be too expensive.

Today the same problems are existent but not as hard as before.


John Clark said...

I don't believe that the challenge has something to do with gender. There’s still a lot of work to be done on developing the entrepreneurial acumen of our brother Filipinos. They need to understand that with ecommerce, doing business these days is no longer as difficult as it was before with the traditional brick-and-mortar. I’ve been telling a number of Filipinos here in the US to join the Ebay mania. I usually tell them to start off by going to bargain stores, pawnshops and other places where they could buy items cheaper than the market price. I just started selling at Ebay. From my experience, you could earn an average of $50 - $100 per item sold at Ebay depending on the item you’re selling. The cool thing about Ebay is the nature of its operation. I could still go on with my work while Ebay is doing its task selling my items. Just in case you’re not aware, UPS has joined the Ebay craze too. They’ve setup a service where people could drop off the items they wish to sell. UPS will post these items at Ebay. Once sold, they’ll pack and ship it to the winning bidder. All they get is a percentage of total sale price.

digitalfilipino said...

Hello John. Thank you for the sharing. In Manila, is also doing the same as UPS. I agree with you that gender has nothing to do with it. However, it is still a reality in the country that there are few women taking the plunge in e-business start-up compared to their male counterparts.