Monday, August 04, 2008

Five Things Bloggers Should Know about Press Events

I've been getting inquiries from bloggers on how to go about attending press events, what is expected of them, and should they see themselves as journalists. I've worn both hats and it is a struggle to balance.

Here are some personal notes I like to share. Note that this will not apply to everyone since this is a matter of personal principle. Learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

1. Minimize conflict of interest. If you are working for a competitor of the inviting company, inform outright of your working relationship (you get paid) with the competition.

2. Assume invitations as not shareable. This means you can't extend this to others or presume you can bring your family members. Best to ask and avoid embarrassment or feeling of uneasiness with industry peers attending the event.

3. Check the topic. Best not to attend an event knowing it is not within your league and have no intention of writing about it.

4. Remember that there are conversations considered as off-the-record. Not all are meant to be written. Check if you can quote what you were told during one-on-one or after-the-event discussion, else, you might put a person on the spot.

5. Giveaways are not mandatory. Do not expect that when you attend an event, you will receive valuable items. If you do, be discreet and not brag about it.

Bloggers should be aware that how they conduct themselves in events can impact other blogging peers as it creates an impression that others also behave in such manner.

I hope this helps.

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