Sunday, March 04, 2007

Charity and religion

Since childhood, we were taught to be giving especially to the less fortunate. Later on, there were government reminders that giving money to beggars is not allowed as a lot of them are partly syndicated. You'll know a professional beggar once you see one, especially in areas where there were no beggars before, like Cebu. To stop tolerating child labor, we were also informed not to buy items from children. But my point of view change when our parish priest told us that buying from children can be considered as an act of helping them. At least spare them the agony and burden of working late.

Whenever there were victims of calamity and contributions are called for, I prefer giving help to household maids who are supporting relatives in those areas and directly to the church whom I have more confidence that the money given will be sent to, without usual grandeur publicity of sorts.

I'm no longer surprised that religion really plays a major factor with our attitude towards money and charity.

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