Sunday, March 11, 2007

Did the Campaign for Real Beauty worked?

Last August 21, 2005, I made a blog post about Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty and expressed my support and ideas then. Lately, I found this article as how Dove used this sensitive and politically charged campaign on women's concern and made me reflect on whether the campaign fulfilled its bigger purpose or will it ever do it?

Looking at the reactions and all, I must admit that it made women discuss the concerns. Dove's campaign on this topic was also stepped up as it showed images of young girls who think that they are not pretty or good enough. Forgive me for saying this but at times I feel that the company went overboard on exploiting women's concern.

The campaign for real beauty, in order to really make it work, needs to be directed as well to the greater population, including men and traditional media giants. Just look at your favorite TV programs, all you could see are pretty and seductive hosts. Observe childrens' programs running on these popular channels, even the female cartoon characters are too conscious on their looks, skin, weight, and these are realities that need to be dealt with.

Instead of anchoring on the definition of what is beautiful and changing our perception on whether we are pretty or not, regardless of imperfections, Dove will be better of putting its funds on programs that would alleviate poverty, get more kids to school, provide health care access, among others. At first, yes, the whole campaign for real beauty has novelty in it. But as to how it is turning out now, c'mon, there are bigger issues that needs to be addressed that is beyond beauty.

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