Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silverlight Client for Facebook

I was doing my digital handshake this morning (yes, still not done) when I saw this post from Guada about a client software that can be used to manage your Facebook account.

This is the Silverlight Client for Facebook. On your first visit to the link, it will ask you first to download the Silverlight 4 Beta software. Once installed, you can visit the link again and proceed installing the Facebook client.

What I like about the tool is how it shows you the latest post from friends who emailed you and latest updates from friends in the home page. You can make direct postings from the client software therefore removing the need to log on to your Facebook account from the browser.

However some limitations include:
  • Not able to tag friends when making a wall post.
  • Can't see likes/comments made for wall post done using the Silverlight Client.
  • Can't view groups and fan pages.
I guess this client tool is ideal for users who just wants to view and post basic updates. Then logon to the website for more advanced Facebook activities.

I think having a desktop client software that allows you to do the advance capabilities within Facebook will be popular among its users. I hope a secure powerful application will become available soon.