Friday, August 23, 2002

After reading Connie's article about Amy, it made me think about women's attitude towards work. I think when you are still starting and so engrossed with your work, you tend to be more involved, passionate, and sensitive about it. Especially if you've poured a lot of personal time away from yourself and give it to your job.

My personal advice to career woman nowadays is not to take their work too personally. Don't invest on it too much emotionally for it may become hurtful and stressful when things get very unfair. As the old saying goes, "trabaho lang, walang personalan".

I received an email from Rita Barreiro after she read our feature on Women on the Web. She didn't push through with her studies abroad as she has some issues to deal with. But hopes to proceed with her plans next year. Take care girl and hang in there. =)

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