Thursday, August 29, 2002

Introduction to W3O

Hmm.. I know this is kinda awkward for I should have done this introduction right from the start.

The W3O idea started last October 16, 2001 while I was attending the CTIA Wireless event in San Diego, California. I got the chance to listen sit in the Women in Wireless group meeting there and I thought, we should have one like this in the Philippines. However, rather than focusing on wireless, we'd like to interact with the Filipina in general.

I think the timing for this is just right. As more and more women hook up on the Internet everyday, the need to have a venue where one can interact and share their thoughts comfortably is not easy. I've been managing several discussion groups for quite sometime now and most of the active posters are the men. Women, usually, get intimidated by it. Hopefully, with the creation of the W3O list, more women will feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and concerns online.

Coming up this blog is another story. At first, I thought of having a W3O website. But as the group is still new and uncertain as to how many content contributors will end up having, a blog like this can help us get started. Aside from me, now you're seeing community members like Connie sharing stories about women online.

I tried inviting fellow W3O list members hoping they can also share their thoughts, concerns, and issues in this blog and be a comfortable venue where we can express our ideas online. Well, I hope there'll be more of us here soon.

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