Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Market acceptance takes time

A recent discussion in the DigitalFilipino group sparked the question of readiness of government and large organizations to innovative social entrepreneurs of today.

I consider myself to be one. More than just earning a living, the objective of each DigitalFilipino StatsReport I come up with is to provide a picture about the industry, but making it accessible to the common Filipino by offering it at a cheap price. Recently, a friend of mine who is working in one of the biggest company in this country today said that she can't use my research for her report. It is because when meeting investors, data used are questioned from who is the source and how much did the report cost. If they find out that the cost of my report is P1,500 then the investors will immediately dismiss the information as not reliable.

All along I thought I was doing a great service to the community that I wish to serve. I could easily sell my report for US$1,000 filling it with graphs and tons of introduction and motherhood text so that it will reach up to 200 pages. But what is the use of the report if it will not empower the sector that I wish to help by making it unaffordable for them.

Being cheap or free does not equate to acceptance instantly. So I decided to just keep on doing my work and serve those who wish to benefit from it. I hope the time will come where government and big organizations will be ready to recognize entrepreneurs like me.

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