Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Women in the New Economy

Recently, I got featured in article titled Women as IT Experts. There are a lot of great women in this field. However, I feel that their roles are often undermined and even discrimated. I've been through that. I'm not innocent to the reality that gender discrimination exists to date even in this field of information technology. A lot of men get threatened with aggressive women for it poses quite a challenge even though intimidation is not intended. However, there are men who know how to take advantage of such women too.

My advise to peers is to be strong, tough, and wise. You'll be knee-jerk at times, as everyone seems to go through such a phase. But once you get over it, learn how to use every good or bad situation to your advantage. If people discrimate or humiliate you, accept it graciously and with all humility. Any victory won through argument is short-lived. It is best to win a fight through your action that accomplishes your point of argument.

I've been put down by a lot of people so many times and even by people whom I thought were my friends. However, those experiences made me even more determined in accomplishing what I have to do. Learn from your mistakes and keep on growing. Stick with people who are achievers in their own way. Stay away from those who have a lot of negative emotions and insecurity in them for they can easily suck up your energy too. As they say, the kind of people you have around you as friends or enemies tell so much on the kind of person you are.

Be on your toes all the time if you wanna survive and thrive in the New Economy. Be wise.

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