Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 Reasons Why I Prefer Cathay Pacific

Whenever I get to travel, Cathay Pacific is my primary choice over any other airline. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • They offer free upgrades to business class, on the spot, that I have never experienced with any other airline.

  • I like their duty-free products offered. I am biased towards practical non-messy and healthy stuff. I remember buying an ionized jewelry pair plus skin care products (picture above).

  • The noodles. I know it is funny but I always look forward in eating noodles whenever in a Cathay Pacific flight. You just request for it and they serve it to you.

  • The Marco Polo lounge. When I was still a Marco Polo vip cardholder (that was the 2 year period when I went out of the country almost 1x to 2x per month), I always look forward staying at the lounge. The noodle bar and facilities was just so perfect.

  • Online check-in. Cathay Pacific remains to be one, or if not the only, airline that offers a well-organized online check-in facility where you can pick a preferred seat ahead.
Of course, nowadays, we have to be practical. If another airline offers a cheaper rate, I will likely go for it. During travel rush, try to avoid the situation where one has to stay overnight in an airport facility.