Tuesday, December 09, 2008

5 Steps in Video Production Service

In the course of organizing events and developing e-learning programs, I have more and more came to realize the importance of having video production as a must in these endeavors.

Chicago Illinois-based Richter Studios is an entity that can be tapped by companies based in the U.S. although they can go to almost everywhere in the world to do their work. What I like about their website is the sense of excitement and being proud that they convey in the kind of work that they do. This I find lacking for those offering services.


They also took the effort of explaining the process when availing a Video Production Service that includes steps such as:
  • Conceptualize
    Using pencil and notepad paper to churn out the basic ideas of a project.

  • Script writing
    They collaborate with the client and come up with a script flow that reflects their needs.

  • Capture
    Shoot the videos and get it done.

  • Edit / Animate
    Video gets worked on and audio is improved.

  • Output
    Finished product is ported to its target output media or platform (online, high definition video, mobile devices, cd or dvd, among others)
I think the video production service field will keep on growing as the Internet and mobile devices trend on becoming video-friendly continues.