Monday, December 15, 2008

Criminal Background Check

In rare occasions, we encounter foreigners, sometimes even Filipinos who grew up abroad, coming to the country seeking for opportunities either for employment, business, settling down, among others.

I always believe, however, that doing a Background Check before sealing any important deal is critical. This is especially true on the following instances:
  • Marriage
    Before marrying a foreign national, it is important to find out that they have properly divorced and have no pending offense. Else, their current partners will suffer for it.

  • Business partnership
    Entering into a business requires dealing with partners with good credibility. If you try to secure a loan later on, all board members get checked and one partner's past may end catching up and harm your chances for securing important loans, deals, among others.

  • Employment
    Employers hiring foreign nationals must take the necessary diligence that they are hiring the right people especially if their work includes travel to other parts of the world.
There are sites (e.g. Sentry Link) that allows you to perform a Criminal Background Check. This is where you will find out if they have records committing felonies, misdemeanors, and other offenses.

The investment required for a Criminal Check I believe is way worth it compared to the problems you may encounter later on.