Monday, December 15, 2008

I love Korean Food (but not on a date night)

Ever since I got the chance to visit Korea in 2003, my appreciation for Korean food has increased. When Korean restaurants start popping all over our neighborhood, due to an increasing Korean nationality population, all the more excited I get.

You see, not all Korean restaurants are the same. Some, in my opinion, bring shame to what Korean food is all about. Worst, some of them are even big names and can be found in prestigious malls.

However, for a real deal Korean food treat, I go to a restaurant near our house and that is Jeon Won (I hope I did not misspell that). It reminded me of a restaurant that I get to visit whenever in Korea. I wish I had been more diligent in taking photos then.

Some of the simple things I like in this restaurant:
  • The kimchi-infused side dishes and other surprises
    Simply extravagant, refillable, and free. So if you order grilled beef good for 2 pax which cost like 500 (I think), I'm sure you'll be full already with the nice kimchi-infused side dishes and others that they serve (there's just too many).

  • Dolsot bibimbap
    I don't think anyone will get to appreciate what Korean food is really all about until they get to try Dolsot bibimbap. Well it is actually a simple rice topping dish with veggies (sometimes with meat) served in a stone bowl that keeps it hot. The red bean paste (and add spices) adds flavor to it. If I'll ever decide to become a vegetarian someday, this dish will definitely make me say, "with pleasure". LOL!

  • The desert
    After the meal, they also serve free desert or their home made cold ginger honey tea. To be honest, I knew that Jeon Won is the Korean restaurant of choice for me because of this tea that got served at the end. I felt that it really brought me back to Korea because this is what my favorite restaurant there serves too.

  • The staff
    Yes, all Pinoys and you'll see its Korean owners taking time to greet and chat with you too despite their limited English language skills.
Well, if ever Korean food is a passion for you, Jeon Won is definitely worth the try. To get there:
  • Go to Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City and make a U-turn to Don Antonio (where Petron gas station is - across Ever Commonwealth).
  • Once you reach Coffee Bean and Tree House (BPI at the corner), turn left and you'll immediately find Jeon Won at the right side of the street.
On a last note, I don't recommend eating in a Korean Restaurant on a date night. I've heard enough funny and embarrasing stories about it that I don't encourage you to take the risk. LOL!