Monday, December 15, 2008

Iriga City Anti-Truancy Program, Poor Power, Bad Cell Phone Signal, & Dirty Bus Terminal

Once in awhile, I get to visit the Bicol region either for a speaking engagement or do some important errands for my partner. My visit there last August, particularly to Iriga City, was partly a disaster due to the following:
  • Power interruption.
    Yes, not much has change, they still have it regularly.

  • Poor cell phone signal
    My Smart cell phone was unreachable for a couple of hours on that day. No wonder some of the relatives were hard to reach.

  • Poorly maintained bus terminal
    It is hard to describe it but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

However, if there's anything positive in that trip, that would be this campaign that got posted in the Internet cafe center I was in.

It is the city government's anti-truancy program that warns Internet cafe operators and establishments, be penalized, from allowing under-age drinking and computer gaming during school hours.