Thursday, February 05, 2009

How to apply eye makeup - tips for small eyes

Whenever going out, I hardly wear make-up. I guess you can blame it to local weather as it not so nice to sweat with makeup on your face. If the need really arises, the usual face powder and lipstick will do. In my younger days, I use to wear makeup more often although I get entangled to debates at times on why be "too presentable".

However, there are rare occasions when I get to wear eye makeup such as television guesting and photo shoot session.

Here are some tips on how to apply eye makeup. I learned this from those makeup shows by Ricky Reyes and Jun Encarnacion on television. Of course, also from those who worked on my face during guesting.
  • Eyeshadow often requires a light base. For those with small eyes like mine, darker colors are applied from the right and left most part of the eye and moved towards the middle (but not entirely).

  • Eyeliner for small eyes is a must. Of course, the eyeliner is a sentimental makeup as this is often part of our personal makeup tools as early as in high school.

  • Eyebrow liner requires a bit of skill, art, & subtlety in application which I am not really good at. That is why I just end up putting a line there and rub it. (I know that is not the right way but I survive with it anyway)

  • Mascara for women with short eyelashes can be a challenge. But whenever I use one, I make sure to use eyelash curler to get the eyelashes ready. I prefer waterproof mascara to avoid messing up the eyes. This is usually applied one outward stroke at a time. Meaning after one application, rest for a few seconds before applying one again. It is suppose to give the earlier ones time to dry and as you put more, it makes the eyelash thicker in appearance too. Although nowadays, some just buy fake eyelashes that gets put on top of your current one.

  • Eye makeup remover is equally a must have for women who love cosmetics as taking them off is as not easy especially if you use the waterproof ones.
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