Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trip to Mayon Volcano & Mayon Resthouse

I've been to Legazpi City several times that allowed me to have a glimpse of Mayon Volcano during those occasions. Although one has to visit very early in the morning to see the cone clearly. Otherwise it will be full of clouds and friends will give you their favorite joke about it.

Mayon Volcano is famous for its perfect shape and one of the most visited especially during times of eruption where folks go out of their way to document it.

There is also another spot nearby, the Mayon Resthouse that allows you to see the Mayon Volcano well if it isn't foggy. It will take at least an hour from Legazpi City to reach this particular place.

I found out that Mayon Resthouse used to be a hotel and there are efforts to re-build the establishment. There is also a planetarium but it was already close when we got there.

Of course, reaching Mayon Resthouse & Mayon Volcano was made possible thanks to our SEMCON Bicol hosts Alvin, Marianne, and Ariel. I'm sure Andrea (& her friend), Hans, and Gary also enjoyed it.

Until next time...