Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bulk buy Jelly Beans - Kosher Pareve certified

Just found out that folks can buy Bulk Jelly Beans at Oh! Nuts at very competitive prices. This can either be for personal or home consumption or as a gift to someone.


I also got intrigued as I have not encountered a product before, such as the Jelly Beans available in the site, that is Kosher Pareve certified.

A food item is considered Kosher if it follows Jewish Dietary Laws which are lifted from Biblical laws and rabbinical extensions. Oh! Nuts Jelly Beans, manufactured by Gimbal's, are Kosher Pareve certified and, if I'm not mistaken, are made under rabbinical supervision. There is a growing set of customer base worldwide, not necessarily Jewish, who prefer Kosher food for its traditions and meticulousness from start to finish.

Oh! Nuts Jelly Beans typical price per pound (lb) is US$5.99. However, 10% bulk discount is given to those who purchase 10 to 49 lbs. For 50 lbs and above, the discount rate of 20% is extended.

With nearly sixty (60) colorful variants of Jelly Beans to choose from, I'm sure interested buyers in the U.S. will find one that suits their taste.

I think these are also great gift item variants that can be served during special occasions, gifts to friends and family, or celebrations like birthdays and the likes.