Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holiday vacation travel deal - last minute

I just arrived from Adelaide, Australia last night and getting settled for the hectic schedule in the weeks to come. I noticed though that April 9 to 12 is a non-working period for locals to observe the Holy Week season. And so I began looking around to see what my options are and noticed that there is not much information posted online that would allow me to make a quick decision. I was able to spot an activity in a social network - which is to visit Cavite churches on April 9 and hope to join that.

Folks are busy nowadays. In my case, a lot of travel plans are made quickly and taking a holiday is done at the last minute. There is a need for a website that caters to last minute holiday or vacation travel decisions.


An example from the UK is that gives an array of Last Minute Holidays option to explore. It allows visitors to:
  • Pick if you are getting a hotel & flight or hotel only or flight only
  • Pick destination of choice (country and city)
  • Pick a resort
  • Departure location of traveler
  • Travel date desired
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of persons
  • Accommodation name
  • Ratings desired, if any
In some cases, no results will appear and this will require you to update to see other options. Those who intend to create something similar, and as a suggestion also to the site owners, it will help if:
  • Other last minute deals to be shown for a nearby location when none is available.
  • Be given options right away upon visiting the site.
Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone!