Monday, April 06, 2009

Create your own horoscope site

When I started the Fortune Reader site last December 30, 2006 it was just an experiment to support my daughter's interest on the subject of tarot reading. Out of curiosity, I read about it and even explored its business model.

Things took a serious turn when I decided to join the busby seo test competition last November 2008 and developed content. One of them is the horoscope series that inspired me to make the Fortune Reader site active again and renamed it to New Age Perspective - Free Weekly Horoscope to complement the competition entry.

Additional changes that happened to the site includes:
Creating your own horoscope site
So when people ask me if it is easy to create your own horoscope site, I give a yes and no at the same time. I say "yes it is" as there are so many resources available to gain information about it. I say "no" as it requires interest on the subject to come up with readings on a regular basis. Also sticked to tarot cards as horoscope forecasting kits require knowing the birth date of the subject. This is not applicable to general per sign reading.

I consider this still as a hobby although I'm glad it is gradually opening monetization opportunities. However, for those of you who really wants to make such a site revenue generating, be prepared to do the following:
  • Publish original horoscope reading on a daily basis.
  • Look at other perspectives (health, financial, love, family).
  • Publish special kind of readings.
I noticed that most readers arrive from search engines and your complementary offerings (revenue generating or not) must be able to support the visitor's need of wanting to know more.