Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Internet Dating 101 - Joining Communities & Profile Creation

There are many ways that you can meet people online. For me, it is mainly about business. However, I believe that care must be given in developing your profile and the way you conduct yourself to attract the people you desire. It is also similar to folks who visit chat rooms, forums, communities, and social networks to make friends. I encounter peers who are still single and can't help but complain that they are having hard time in finding the "one". Here are some tips:
  • Join communities & social networks that matches your interest.
    It should be the kind of place where you like to hang-out and will enjoy it. That even if the person of your dreams is not there, it will still be help to you.

  • Show who you are.
    Put a nice and simple photo. Give some information about you whether business and/or personal.

  • Have fun and show a sense of humor
    Of course in a good way to show that there is more about you. Interest or closeness (or even attraction) often starts when you meet someone who can make you laugh or smile.

  • Watch what you say
    Apart from being indexed in search engines, the impression you give may improve or further hurt your chances. At least, be reasonable.

  • Attend eyeball events
    Get to know the people you meet online and vice-versa. I think the primary objective is to make friends. If you hang-out in communities that are of interest to you, then this should be fun as well. Then later on, you'll meet friends-of-friends which expands the circle and where you'll meet more interesting folks.
My point for the above is that sometimes we meet the people that matched us when we are least looking. Oftentimes, it is not love at first sight. But joining communities where you get to do the things you really like will also allow you to show your best side and get closer to people without pushing yourself too hard. Opportunities also open up from there.

Image provided by Enexodia.