Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finding the right car for a student driver

Two of my kids will be back by early next year from Australia to pursue their college education here. I'm now pressured again to learn how to drive so that these two will find it easier to move around with me joining them.

Although they could also learn how to drive but the responsibility maybe too much for such tender age.

I always wanted to have a van although with the idea of me as the passenger rather than the driver. The same goes for sports utility vehicles. A car is interesting but more for short trips. I'd rather take a public transport for longer ones as I might fall asleep without having an alternate.


I've been checking out various forums and online car sites to explore available models that will capture my attention. So far, the new ones are pretty interesting such as the chevy impala (2009 Chevrolet Impala). The Car Connection site gave it a 6.6 rating.

What has been said so far with its roomy passenger cabins, engine features, safety test ratings, sounds fine to me. It doesn't have to scream with good looks as it may also cause a lot of trouble later on such as car theft, among others.

It may not be an exciting choice but from a practical point of view, should we decide to buy a new one instead of 2nd hand, I will definitely keep this car in mind as one of our options.