Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Monday Girl: Amy Torres

Full name: Amalia Torres
Nickname: Amy
D.O.B.: November 8, 1970
Academic background: BS Computer Science, De La Salle University
Current location: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Systems Integrator, Nestle Australia Ltd.
Interests/Hobbies: Travelling, reading, watching movies and TV, tennis, and talking endlessly with friends about anything and everything.

One of the most memorable experiences Amy has ever had as a female techie was being reprimanded for being too emotional and personal, which the bosses believe is very unbecoming of a manager. But according to the 31-year-old tennis enthusiast, these attributes are among the reasons why women are great at what they do. "We have passion and we are not afraid to show it!" she asserts.

Things are not too bad at her present job so far. As a systems integrator at Nestle Australia Ltd, Amy believes she can do more. "I've had my share of pressure and intrigues up in the corporate ladder. And now I'm enjoying the relaxed view from below."

If Amy weren't involved in the IT industry, she says she'd rather be a correspondent for the Traveller's show of the Discovery Channel. On the matter of personal goals however what she wants is to get married, have kids, and travel the world with them. "If I fail to attain my personal goals I'd move up or sideways...as much as it allows me to travel."

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